Terms of Use

  1. Reposting my artwork:

    • If you would like to repost any of my artwork, you MUST credit/link back to either this website or instagram
    • Arvtic watermark MUST be clearly visible
    • If any artwork is posted without my permission or credit on any social media¬†¬† (weheartit, tumblr, instagram, twitter etc.), a takedown notice will be given under COPYRIGHT REGULATIONS ACT 1969 in which legal action is taken upon failure of removal.
    • Commissioners have the right to share and give permission to share content that they commission under the condition that the Arvtic logo/watermark is clearly visible.
  2. Finding an artwork of mine online

    • If you happen to find an artwork of mine that is not posted by me, without credits, please contact me!
      • If you cannot contact me, tell the person who reposted it to either credit me or remove it immediately.
  3. Commissions

    • In the event of a commissioner not being satisfied with the commissioned work, tweaking or redrawing of the work is negotiable.
    • Want a commission? Go to the commission page and look through the options there then go ahead and contact me about getting one!
    • Prices of commissions can be determined by you, if I am not happy with the offer I will decline your request.