About me!


I’m Kat, and I’m Arvtic.

I started Arvtic at age 14, and I am now currently 19 years old studying at university. Arvtic started out on Instagram as a hobby of mine, I was inspired by a big art trend that was going around. The trend was ‘tumblr outlines’, I posted 3 outlines of well known influencers during that time, and almost instantly the posts blew up. My page grew as I started to draw famous people, such as 5 Seconds of Summer and Halsey. Although my education got in the way of my art, I still appreciated all the support I got. Eventually I have 5SOS reposting my art as well as acknowledging me, and one of my outlines blew up on tumblr, gaining about 140k+ likes on the website.

Arvtic is still growing, it is something every important to me. Although I still don’t have as much time to focus on art, I try my best to post and create new content.

Thank you for supporting me!